Color Palette Retro

Color Palette is one of the most popular classes by Fabi. The selected spectrum of colors along with the combination under different designs make up this technique a special one because of the tremendous possibilities that it offers. As well as the colors and their slight tones have,the variation and mixture of Color Palette is almost endless.In this occasion, final colors and designs are inspired in retro style from the sixties.The mix of clear and mild color tones with other purer and stronger but always all of them embraced under a shady halo vision from the past,made all pieces results an inevitable attraction to what is considered de modé.»Old times were always better» or at least is what we used to say, and maybe there is some nostalgia on it but also some kind of truth. The good old times had simplicity ,pause, identity and meaning along with the impression of significance. And that all together arises to out minds as a particular sense ,that one of its keys, invokes color and design.Color Palette Retro, has more than 30 colors in its palette used to make 33 different patterns or designs which create 4 shaped pieces that can be used alone or combined to make a necklace or a brooch. these pieces are texturized to impart a textile like appearance that fits perfectly with the whole technique.All designs are made by hand cuts and construction combining the straight-formal lines of geometry with the irregular-intuitive impression of the free hand in a perfect balance which results in nature inspired pieces, that evoque fantasy psychedelic flowers and leaves from one of the most creative decades: The 60’s!This class uses the distinct Fabi designs and patterns found in the original Color Palette. Working with the 10 basic colors of Kato Polyclay added different complex colors and eye-catching designs.