Coraline Jewelry

Is a doubly inspired work: 

1- Predominantly or mainly, we find the strong presence of an oceanic nature in the form of reefs and marine corals. Reef corals are considered one of the largest structures on Earth, and are believed to contain 25% of the planet’s biodiversity. They barely cover 0.2% of the surface. The great concentration of life that shines in them, as if it were an eternal spring, is reflected in their vivid colors favored by the rays of the sun and the crystalline waters, showing themselves as a set full of beauty and creativity. 

2- Secondary though not less interesting, the vertical arrangement of the pieces and their original presence does not fail to remind us of the carved wooden sculptures that are popularly attributed to the Indians of North America but that have been part of human civilizations throughout history in various parts of the world. We refer to the Totems, vertical structures that are erected-among others-as an iconic symbol of the individual and that possess a close, almost mystical connection with nature. It is therefore a very personal and characteristic symbol that expresses in an artistic way the union of the individual with his own nature or destiny.

This work maintains that organic and harmonic appearance in terms of textures, colors and shapes; adding some personal and characteristic touches of Fabi. 

And not only does it seduce you with its combination of colors, which revitalizes us almost spontaneously with its positive energy, but it also includes a wide variety of pieces and combinations leading to a totally unique and customizable jewelry box.

Finally, the presence of a couple of dishes as a complement and that for the occasion also act as an alternative presentation, are a wink or ad hoc reminiscence of the work `Polymer Ceramics´.