Meet the team

Fabiola Pérez Ajates, better known as Fabi, is a Spanish artist of polymer clay and mixed media, dedicated to the constant experimentation and teaching of her particular creative artwork.
Her entire life trajectory is linked to art in general, and particularly to the drawing and design of interiors, studying the latter when she was young. In addition, her artistic taste is also reflected in all the photography of her artwork, which she carries out personally.

As far as polymer clay is concerned, Fabi started working with clay in 2009 in a completely self-taught way, although it was not until 2011 that she decided to dedicate herself professionally. Throughout all these years her work has been growing through different facets until reaching the maturity of her own style through which she has achieved the maximum expression of herself.
Fabi’s style combines diverse concepts, all based on a close relationship that has a unique leitmotiv transversal to all her work: NatureFrom the most theoretical concepts that refer to the Organic, understood as that which is alive and in permanent expression and transformation. Or the Japanese Wabi Sabi and Kintsugi, the beauty of imperfection and the empowering effect of errors.

Hence, Fabi’s art is a living and constantly evolving entity that, according to the season, puts more emphasis on a theoretical concept or on a technical aspect.
As she herself affirms, the possibilities are unlimited and the result is at the mercy of the imagination of the creator who seeks to materialize what at first was nothing but a dream and, how are dreams fulfilled? No doubt, through the creative act or art.

Its characteristic style marked by a cheerful and colorful tone typical of Spanish culture is nowadays easily recognized by any artist or practitioner of polymer clay in the world. Especially since the last five years in which she has participated in various courses and events held in three different continents: Europe, Oceania and North America.

Some collaborations by Fabi:

– Year 2020, PolymerWeek Magazine by Lucy Clay Tools
– Year 2019, Jurado de concurso celebrado by Perles&Co
– Year 2019, Polymer Journeys 2019 by Sage Bray
– Year 2019, Polymère & Co by Béatrice Picq
– Year 2018, Polymer Art Projects by Sage Bray
– Year 2017, PolymerWeek Magazine by Lucy Clay Tools
– Year 2016, Polymer Journeys by Sage Bray
– Year 2016, The Polymer Arts – Convergence by Sage Bray
– Year 2014, From Polymer To Art – speciale Nederlandstalig uitgave 2014 per stuk by Saskia and Matjon
– Year 2013, Polymer Clay Global Perspectives: Emerging Ideas and Techniques from 125 International Artists by Cynthia Tinapple.

David Miranda, eldest Fabi ‘s son. 

Responsible for communication, editing and content creation, both didactic and on social media. 
Performs translation and public relations functions at live and online events.

Passionate about nature, philosophy, reading and cinema, he also collaborates with Fabi as a writer in the creation of artistic projects. 

His proactive and restless character makes him dovetail with another facet in his life, the current preparation as a future firefighter in Madrid city.

Vanessa Miranda Pérez, Fabi’s youngest daughter and her partner in the development of projects.

As head of arts, creativity and technology, she performs graphic design functions in online events and on the digital platforms in which we are present (Blogspot, Website, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube), as well as in sales products. She is also primarily responsible for the management of The Fabi Store on Etsy. Her mission is to transfer the beauty and magic of Fabi’s creations to the entire online and offline universe.

Following in Fabi’s footsteps, her path also goes hand in hand with art. After graduating in Advertising and PPRR, she studied a Higher Degree in Illustration and Plastic Arts and began to learn the craft of a cabinetmaker in a self-taught way. Since 2015, she has combined training with professional experience always linked to the world of art, design and illustration. All this has led to the creation from the beginning of its own brand of sustainable wooden toys TOYHOOD. Meanwhile, she continues to develop artistic projects that allow her to express herself with her own language.