Home, Sweet Home

«Home, sweet home» is often said when the feeling of returning to that special place arises in us that comforts us and fills us with energy. That place where we can behave naturally and spontaneously, be ourselves and feel loved.

The word `home´ has its origin in the Latin word focaris, derived from focus, fire in Spanish. And it is precisely around the fire that the bonds between the members of the same family were created and strengthened, giving rise to this space where we feel accompanied, safe and calm. 

This work is inspired by that home feeling that we’ve all felt at one time or another. And it seeks to express that feeling that is common to all households, regardless of their shape, size or details that make it unique and unrepeatable, like the people who inhabit it.

It is for this very reason that the houses have been made hollow, to be able to introduce lighting into them, thus representing the old fire and evoking the life that happens inside.

As for the shape and appearance of the houses, Fabi has been inspired by the village in which she spent his childhood and of which she has a fond memory.

This work follows the line of ceramic polymer technique. Especially in the treatment of surfaces, which acquire a cracked appearance. 

This is a mixed media technique that uses polymeric clay as the main material.

In total there are 10 houses. One of them is a metaphor for `family´ by hiding inside three other tiny houses.

In addition, it also presents three wooden canvases with an asymmetrical shape that serves as a resource to place the houses to our liking, in an interchangeable way.

Finally, continuing with the aesthetics of this same technique, another possible application, this time in a tea woodbox, with the detail of the handler in the form of a house.