Art is powerful. It has the ability to create totally unique and unrepeatable experiences. But if we add to these experiences a deep connection and a meaning, art becomes something transcendent that goes beyond. It becomes existence itself, here and now. Without a doubt, this thing that we bring you today happens especially with mandalas. Few things are able to express something as complex and abstract as infinity in such a beautiful and creative way. Undoubtedly mandalas achieve this purpose, and best of all they do so with surprising, almost magical ease.
Mandala created exclusively from polymer clay (Cernit and Premo).This large mandala has been made with strictly handmade shapes, cuts and motifs, without using any kind of auxiliary material.The motifs have both Eastern and Western influences collected under the same natural motif. In this way, we can recognize arabesques next to floral figures whose ensemble hides very subtle references to the well-known Hindu diagrams or Gothic rosettes.