Marine Awareness

It is often said that ocean is `The Mother of mothers´. Life emerged from it as the very same Life will be back completing the circle of its waters which build a bridge to earth and sky.
Seas and oceans keeps an unreachable secret in their abyss where human being will never be able to reach and posses, we will always be strangers in that environment.
Even so, they’re not safe from threats like intensive fishing for human consumption, poaching of protected species, recreational fishing…These are just some examples that have turned them in a threatened and vulnerable environments because of the irresponsibility of our style of life.
71% of the earth is cover by water which represents an extension near to 104 million square kilometers. Water is a fundamental need to preserve the balance of the whole world and literally a vital need to keep us alive.
This project seeks, using the artistic metaphor as a cheerful and humorist point of view, to reach this kind of actual problem and bring it to our current awareness in an expressive and honest way.
First piece represents a group of imaginary fishes from seas and oceans around the world, each one have different look and personality and they all are very determined to resolve this bad situation. So from their naive and good intentional perspective they wrote some messages in human language to carry in their flippers so in case they are caught maybe some compassionate human will attend to their ideas and petitions.
They also sent some of their friends directly to the fishing nets carrying some messages too; some of them as you can see…felt asleep during the travel, others…¡Oh, boy! ¡Looks like a starving cat get into one can! At least cats are easy to convince that they not need more than they have, not as humans that don’t have any limit. The last piece is a can with a heart inside which symbolize the love of seas and oceans flooding us trying to reach and touch our hearts so we feel what they`re feeling.
This is a polymer clay technique using the brand `Cernit´. Actually, to give that metallic aspect to the cans it was used the brand new metallic colors that are already available, and also the liquid `Magic Mix´.
One of the main advantages of Cernit clay is its flexibility which allows us to make really thin layers with such a great strength.
If we also add the `Magic Mix´ liquid, which give the clay a softer and flexible consistency, the result is a really versatile and multifunction product to combine with different techniques and materials; in this case particularly, it allow us to make a kind of book binding.

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