Polymer Ceramics

In very ancient times ceramic and pottery products came to have a higher value even than gold or silver. Not only for its usefulness, for some linked to the beginnings of agriculture and culinary art, but also for its artistic and distinctive value that made it a unique piece whose materials and motifs made its owner someone special and distinguished. 
This small homage to one of the most ancient ethnographic features of virtually any human culture constitutes a set of thirteen pieces of hollow work made entirely of polymer clay-Premo and Cernit-. Even inside, they do not have any structure of any other material than polymeric clay. With a size that varies from 5 cm to 25 cm in height and a diameter that oscillates between 7 and 16 cm. They have a low-medium difficulty and are really fun to do. In addition, they hide many and very interesting possibilities! Look if not at the cactus, totally hollow and with a compartment to keep secrets or…
This technique we have called `Polymer Ceramics´ presents various influences but all of them reflect natural motifs that have captured Fabi’s curiosity and imagination resulting in these thirteen pieces.
 Eight possess a coral inspiration. 
The dish and the cup also have the sea as their main reason. 
The second plate imitates the curious and characteristic fruit of one of the Australian eucalyptus tree, the `Gumnut´. 
And two cacti that break a little with the ceramic prototype and innovate with their more fun and cheerful presence.