Eight pieces of polymer clay, specifically, brooches. With two different designs based on the color and shape of the seaplant Padina Pavonica, which frequents the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and which have a use in cosmetics as an anti-aging product.

On the one hand we have the design of the seaplant in color on a black background with tentacle-shaped finishes. And on the other the same algae, in concentric circles of color with a more subtle black base.

The fact that these pieces are brooches make them a perfect complement to combine with our favorite clothes, offering thanks to their color and shape, countless possibilities within the world of fashion.

The realization of these pieces consists of a specific technique that requires practice. Like all Fabi’s work, it is simple but complex at the same time and best of all, it not only has multiple applications but also allows us to reuse and take advantage of polymer clay leftovers